California should provide incentives for growing businesses that subsidize or create affordable housing within a 30-minute commuting area of new office and retail developments.

California should provide housing assistance (such as a state income tax credit or down payment assistance) to those who have student debt and are under the age of 35.

California should allow cities to authorize the construction of public housing without requiring a vote of the public in that city.

California should ban home sales to foreign purchasers who do not reside in them.

California should require every city and county to provide housing for those experiencing homelessness and require the homeless to accept the shelter when offered.

California should establish a fund for affordable housing construction that is financed by penalties for local governments who deny housing projects in violation of state law.

California should support affordable housing by giving grants to non-profit organizations that would build rental units in which the tenants can share any increase in value.

California should permit religious institutions to build affordable housing on their properties with zoning for multi-family projects and expedited environmental reviews.