California should provide incentives for growing businesses that subsidize or create affordable housing within a 30-minute commuting area of new office and retail developments.

California should provide housing assistance (such as a state income tax credit or down payment assistance) to those who have student debt and are under the age of 35.

California should convert large warehouses to indoor and vertical farming.

California should establish a Department of Water that combines the powers to plan for water usage and to allocate water throughout the state (powers now distributed among several state agencies).

California should build large-scale desalination plants (converting salt water to fresh water) to provide clean, reliable, and available water for residents throughout the state.

California should allow timber harvesting to help pay the cost of thinning the forests to prevent wildfires.

California should give indigenous communities stewardship of parts of already protected lands, such as parks and natural reserves.

California should allow cities to authorize the construction of public housing without requiring a vote of the public in that city.

California should ban home sales to foreign purchasers who do not reside in them.

California should require every city and county to provide housing for those experiencing homelessness and require the homeless to accept the shelter when offered.