California should extend its sales tax to digital media advertising and use the proceeds to support a fund for non-profit media organizations.

California should amend Proposition 13 to decrease the vote requirement needed to raise taxes used to fund specific programs for local governments (special taxes) from 67% to 55% of the vote.

Congress should modify federal laws to allow states like California to have higher than federal standards on clean air, clean water, and climate change regulations.

California should support the creation of investigative journalism certificates in its 116 community colleges, with the goal of training new journalists to provide more information about local issues and local government decisions.

California should strengthen its high school civics requirement to include experiences with participation, discussion, negotiation, and compromise in a democracy.

California should develop a “one-stop shop” for easier access by the public to government services dealing with unemployment and poverty.

California should team up with other like-minded states like Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and New York and create inter-state compacts on issues ranging from health insurance to the environment.

For non-residential property, the state of California should lift the Proposition 13 restrictions to allow for greater assessments than the current ceiling of 2% per year.

California should double its worker training budget for government employees to emphasize topics focused on efficiency and effectiveness.

Elections for the State Assembly should be in multi-member districts of five members, with each party getting the number of representatives proportional to their votes within the district.